South of Madagascar and South of the world Tuléar is an exceptional destination for the most beautiful emotions of your vacations. Tuléar is situated beyond the Tropic of Capricorn, which theoretically sets the boundaries of the intertropical zone in the south-west part of Madagascar, in the Atsimo- Andrefana region. The sun, the warm welcome of the people, the white sand beaches, the fauna and fl ora peculiar to this region will give you, no doubt, a unforgettable souvenir, a unique experience of life tine. The climate is generally dry with irregular rainfalls (less than 50mm/year) and allowed the growth of a particular vegetation of the type of xerophillous bush, represented by trees with biological characteristics that are typical to dry regions : the crassulacean, the presence of thorns, the microphylly ( or the reduction in size of leaves to economize water). The families most represented are the DIDIERACEAE and the EUPHORBIACEAE, a rich and diversifi ed fl ora with a high percentage of endemicity. Pachypodiums, alluaudias, majestic Baobabs… can be observed among the trails that make Tuléar a destination of choice for eco-tourists and scientists fascinated by trees with peculiar architecture. Some mangroves form a coastal forest composed of several species of paletuviers. They are characterized by their aerial roots. It is an adaptive system that allows the organ to fi ght against asphyxia. These are coastal paletuviers growing in muddy environment .

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