The region Antsinanana with her lighthouse city, Toamasina (Tamatave), became a few years the first favourite destinations of tourists, as foreigner than nationals, thanks to the diversity of its sites and the activities that she suggest. From the seaside Foulpointe to Mahambo going through Sainte Marie in the region of Analanjirofo and the dense forests, in the North, from Mahanoro into the South, in the mythical Pangalane Channel whether it’s on the South or in the North, a succession of enchant and authentic place waiting for you. Let yourself be guided through the Betsimisaraka country to discover this peculiar region of Madagascar. The region Antsinanana offers so much richness that the tourist development has doing naturally. Today, the tourist region office of Toamasina count among one’s member dynamic economic actors, concerned to offer a quality products and services. Respect of the environment and the support to the social development, in the step of a lasting tourism, are the one of fundamental preoccupations of the tourist region office of Toamasina. On account that the region conceal the most concentration of the area protégé and the national parks of Madagascar, favourable to the development of the ecotourism, several initiative villager have also seen the day, these last years and show that the responsable and ethical tourism is one of the main axle development of our region. Tourism in the region Antsinanana, knew a rising trend since 2009, if we don’t talk about the tourism cruise. Since 2009 to 2012 the seaport of Toamasina received cruise boats and some boats com back once to twice a week. As for the Costa compagny, he docks to Tamatave once to twice a week with 1200 to 1800 passengers on board. During the season 2016-2017, the number of touch in Tamatave has been overtaking which succeed to 18 affected while 6 to 10 affected previously. Tamatave have many tourist potentiality than economic, which his currently name as the economic capital of Madagascar. Various tourist products are available in the region Atsinanana, namely, ecotourism, interdependent tourism, villager, adventure tourism, sporty and
mechanical sport, hikes and trekking, cultural discovering tourism and also a local gourmet discovering affair tourism, seaside tourism. Everything allow to thousand foreigner or national visitors to discover our beautiful region with tropical charm. Hotels with whole category offer the accommodation able to answer all requests. As well the one close to intense port activity of Toamasina as these tourists who stay there to discover the region. These coast of Madagascar has been marked by history and leaved many historical relic : Farafaty fort, tomb of Jean René, French expeditionary soldiers memorial in Tamatave 1883 to 1894, the place of the column, Timasy Vavitiana place, the first Protestant church of Madagascar at the time of David Johns and Tomas Bevan, Manda fort of Foulpointe, Ambataria fort, bar of Andovoranto and all beautiful creole and colonial houses which found everywhere in Toamasina and its region, testify a flourishing period. The quality of the services at the hotels known much improvement, since the training for the reinforcement of the capacity of the staff who already works in a tourist establishment exempt by the regional tourism office of Toamasina as a partner with National Tourism Office of Madagascar in 2012. In 2018 the number of young guides who have received training, an assent and badge by the Tourist Ministry are 70 guides in 2012 and 146 in 2018. The regional tourism office work in her main mission which is the promotion of tourist destination of the region, don’t forget the promotion of tourists operators in its activity and also the promotion of tourists products which are highlight. The President of board of directors of the Regional tourism office elected these years (2018) who is the result of youthfulness of Toamasina, being guide since more than 20years, and who knows very well the
expectations of visitors and his operators’ members. His target is to multiply and diversify the tourist supply of the region to increase fivefold the number of visitors who are coming to discover the Atsinanana region. Publish these years the TOP 10 of products to suggest to the visitors with a slogan, we only go faster but together
we go further. The president of CA of ORT Toamasina (RAHARIMANDIMBY Fidelys

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