Nosy Be is a perfume island, an extraordinary destination. Very known for its beaches with white sand facets. Also an incredible and their multiple destination, a story, an adventure to be discovered by oneself, between friends or lovers and with one’s family. Nosy Be is a natural paradise thanks to the beauty of the landscapes, the hospitality of Malagasy people. Certainly, it will make of your stay an unforgettable moments. As for the activities, such as diving, you can go backpacking or stroll in forest-parks, as well, go for a drive by motorcycle, bicycle and quad. So, go off to explore all treasures at the heart of island.
Rich in the Fauna and the Flora, if you loved nature, Nosy Be is most interesting and you will be amazing. We said that the most beautiful place of the Earth is the sea: Turtles, coral reefs, whales and sharks. Nosy Be offers it to you in different forms We are not only one island by ten; Nosy Be is an archipelago made up of more than ten islands, each one with its specificities and attractions. A jewel of the Ocean, a case in the Mozambican channel …. Nosy Be is a treasure island. Regional Office of the Tourism in Nosy Be

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