MORONDAVA Menabe Madagascar Area

Menabe is now an “emerging” tourist destination at national level when the various infrastructure related to tourism promotion was completed. Morondava, the main town of the Region is currently at less than 10 hours drive from Tana. A part of the city is protected resulting in narrow beaches close to the tourist village of Anosikely, roads leading to sites are maintained and
tourism investment resumed … So, popular sites are increasingly visited like the Road of Baobabs, the Baobab in love, the Kirindy forest and its exceptional biodiversity, the Manambolo gorge and its caves, going down the Tsiribihina, the Tsingy of Bemaraha whose entry is from Menabe KIrindy Mite, the marine sites of Belosur- mer… Also to be noted the Sakalava
tribe, a very welcoming community, which has rich socio-cultural variety and stands out for its features as tombs on sand dunes, several zomba (culturel site), Kilalaky rythm… Communication actions are integral part of tourism promotion, reason for publishing this booklet, a first for Menabe, and shows us the different attractive sites and accommodations existing in the Region. We hope for each reader/user a better understanding of our region and assure you that the reality is even better. The Regional Tourism Board bringing together tourist operators and Menabe population are eagerly waiting for you and

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