Mahajanga Diversity naturally Welcome in the charming and carefree Boeny region, unchanged, unshakable, and authentic and still on job to welcome better your discoveries and… even rediscoveries. Yes, although eternal as it is, the Boeny region has always this magic of always amazing you with one of its numerous facets, even after several trips. Above all “Mahajanga” is traditionally the convenient land of well-being and health. But it is also the Madagascar showcase of specific fauna and flora. Mahajanga literally means “the city of healing”. It certainly comes from the typical flowers “Mji Angaya” that give its reputation of “city of flowers”, but also by its dry and hot climate, that is ideal for holidays, and to its rich natural medicinal plants with many uses, as the famous “Mandravasarotra” among others, from which essential oil is extracted. “Mahajanga” is also is the land of diversity : many various sites : Red circus, Park of Ankarafantsika, coming down of the Betsiboka, Marovoay and its zebu market, the caves, the Sacred lake, the Tsingy of Namoroka Baly bay, and so many other sites to admire, it is the kingdom of birds, lemurs, reptiles and endemic turtles. The diversity of the population goes together with the cultural diversity, cultural contributions that strengthen the Sakalava local culture of Boeny, one of the pillars of Madagascar history, annually honored in July, by the whole population with the “Fanompoabe» ceremony or bath of the royal relics. The friendly city of Majunga is easy of access and offers the infrastructures of accommodation of all categories and for all purses. Situated at northwest Madagascar, 575 km from the capital by road, 55 minutes by air, 45mn flight from Dzaoudzi, 1.15mn flight from Saint-Denis of Reunion. It is a magic city characterized by its population kindness. Cordial welcome waits for you. Don’t especially miss the evening ambiance along the “Promenade des Anglais” (English walk) Mahajanga version called “the shore”, around the unavoidable multiage baobab. Enjoy a pleasant stay in the Boeny!.

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