Considering tourism policy, culture and environment being inseparable, we must protect local and regional natural inheritance by reporting them and by enhancing their worth. We are persuaded that tourism is a powerful force for a lasting development, creating new jobs while protecting the environment and culture of local people within the region. Because of national and international circumstances in this sector, the National Office of Tourism and its Regional Offices, mandated by the transferring Ministry, endeavor to make known the famous Continent Island and its Regions. Their actions start with the census of the sites, publishing them, improving strategy promotion, sharing in different exhibitions, developing partnership system… … The ORTII (the Regional Office of Tourism Isalo/Ihorombe), tries to strengthen the tourist data in order to valorize its heritage. Apart the little-known sites that require to be valorized, we have three protected areas including the Isalo National Park. The purpose is to make the region a leading destination of Madagascar combinating appealing and inescapable products, characterized by culture, sport and Ecotourism. This can also attract investors to develop hotel and tourist structures because in this region and especially in Ranohira Community exist the ZIE (Zones of Ecotouristitic Investments) and the RFT (Tourist Land Reserve).

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