FCE Guide | Fianarantsoa East Coast

The Regional Tourist Office of Fianarantsoa has the pleasure of making you
discover the charms and secrets of this multicoloured Region, multicoloured by its fauna and flora, multicoloured also by the diversity of its landscapes.
and inhabitants with preserved traditions. On the “Route du Sud”, Fianarantsoa and its region represent a destination in its own right, at the gates of two beautiful Malagasy National Parks classified as heritage sites.
UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This verdant region and its spectacular rice terraces allow you to immerse yourself in the welcoming and colourful Malagasy rural environment. FIANARANTSOA: the old town, its tea plantations, its vineyards; further south, the zebu market and the Antaimoro paper manufacturing in AMBALAVAO, the Anja forest, the Andringitra massif, the Tsaranoro valley…so many sites that blend in with nature. Active and cultural tourism, hiking, river rafting, travel with the legendary FCE train will make you live unforgettable moments. Specialized service providers will help you to travel through our regions in many different ways through mountain ranges or along rivers. Hotels offer a wide range of rooms adapted to all budgets and restaurants will make you feel at home.
to taste the products of the Betsileo area with their rare organoleptic qualities. Our Regional Tourist Office strongly encourages you to come and visit us and share these moments of emotion, wonder and encounters, just like the colours of the rainbow, as “multicoloured” as possible.

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