When we speak South East, we immediately think of the famous FCE train that connects FIANARANTSOA to test MANAKARA .
It is indeed the jewel of the region which not only allows the villages crossed to get supplies and to export. their productions but also to the tourists to live unforgettable moments. This tourist guide, in addition to the offer proposed by the advertisers (whom we thank for being so numerous) in terms of accommodation, catering, various services, will allow you to discover many sites tourist and special features worthy of interest among which :
– The country ZAFIMANIRY and AMBOSITRA capital of the Malagasy craft industry.
– FIANARANTSOA the old town, its tea plantations, its vineyards; further south the zebu market and the manufacturing of Antaimoro paper in AMBALAVAO, the ANJA forest, the ANDRINGITRA massif, the TSARANORO valley so many sites conducive to blending in with nature.
– Towards the east coast, the RANOMAFANA National Park offers you tours for all ages and tastes in order to immerse yourself in the heart of the forest.
– Finally the east coast: MANANJARY, MANAKARA and FARAFANGANA. These are the inescapable strolls in pirogue on the PANGALANES , the seaside resort for the unconditional but it is especially a mixture of traditions and a region where you will certainly appreciate the quality of its gastronomy fuelled by: incomparable seafood products : lobsters, shrimps, prawns, camarons, elvers and other fish and shellfish. The flavours of its fruits and vegetables, according to the season: mangoes, pineapples, litchees, papayas, avocados… to which we must add its wonderful spices: vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, cloves…
– We cannot list all our assets, you will judge for yourselves on the spot, because we presidents of the OFFICES ORTAM, ORTF, ORTV7V and ORTAA have no doubt that when you step into our beautiful region you will fall under the spell and be dazzled by so many wonders added to the kindness and hospitality Malagasy people. Do not hesitate to ask for information at our respective offices, we will do our best to ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible.
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