This tourist guide, entitled «Big Show Circuits » can seem conceited. However, we believe that when it has convinced you to try one or more of these circuits, you will be captivated. Everyone will benefit because the « Big North» meets all sorts of expectations:
-Nature lovers will be amazed by the beauty of landscapes, the wealth of its flora and fauna which are for the most part endemic
– Adventurers looking for thrills (a big dose of sensations), will be delighted as there are still virtually unexplored sites
– Amateurs of sun-kissed beaches and relaxation will be spoiled in choosing among so many paradisiacal beaches
– Scientists have at their disposal a field that has not yet revealed all its secrets
-Sports performers will find often spots among the best of the world You can enjoy every day and at every location the grand spectacle because each region has its characteristics:
-The Boeny Region: Red Circus, Ankarafantsika Park, Tsingy of Namoroha, Bay of Baly, Anjohibe caves . . .
-The Sofia Region, suitable for fishing and hunting (abounding game)
-The Diana Region:
* Ambanja for its village tourism and spices
* Diego, the city of the «Sugar Loaf» famous for its 2nd world most beautiful bay , the Emerald Sea, the Sakalava Bay (a haven for surfers), the Amber Mountain, the Ankarana, the Red Tsingy . . .
* Nosy Be, the perfume island, a paradise for water sports, big game fishing, diving, cruise,
whale safari . . .

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