Through the various promotional campaigns of Madagascar, this island is increasingly known for its exceptional biodiversity and for all its possibilities very varied of tourist activity. Real island treasure, each national or foreign visitor can during his stay, to admire its flora and its endemic flora and fauna such as legendary baobabs, lemurs, or chameleons. . It will also have, a wide choice of activity such as the seaside, the water sports, the mountain or adventure as the kite surf, the climbing, the
paragliding among others. The Malagasy government is totally aware that all these wealth will contribute to reduce the poverty of this country. So the Ministry of Tourism developed a new letter of national policy of the tourism. Its objective in 2020 is to: To reach 500 000 tourists, to benefit from 1,4 billions USD of recipes, to double the number of direct jobs in the hotel business and the tourist companies. This new policy commits the government in strategic orientations as the improvement of the accessibility of the Madagascar destination and its priority tourist zones, the effective sustainable management of the destination; the facilitation of the hotel and tourist investments, and a greater visibility of the destinationat national and international level.This 6th edition of the official directory of the tourism joins in this vision. This guide is in excellent travelling companion to visit Madagascar in its entirety. Apart from all the tourist sites to be discovered, each reader will find all the providers of tourism that will facilitate his stay in Madagascar. The year 2017 is a record year. For 2018, I wish that all the Malagasy, without exception, still take advantage of the growth. That nothing can affect this bright spell.

RATSIRAKA Iarovana Roland
Minister of Tourism

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