On January 12, 2018, a new team took over the helm of the Vakinankaratra Regional Tourist Office. A new approach will materialize via a new communication campaign accentuated on the typology and characteristics of our region. This new campaign has three objectives:
– create a preference for the vakinankaratra region based on on the identity characteristics of the destination by proposing in at the same time an image more in line with current expectations travelers from different markets;
– increase awareness of this beautiful destination “the city of water” Malagasy “with a positive and dynamic image by making it known by current means including digital,
– develop traffic using strategic means and supports allowing to create the meeting between the destination and its targets. The Tourist Office of Vakinankaratra will stick to the missions of a tourist office, namely: • Home • information • promotion • coordination of interventions by tourism stakeholders. Hoping to be able to meet your expectations, I wish you to spend a pleasant moment by offering you to discover our region under all its facets. The Regional Tourist Office plays an important driving role in the
economic development of the Vakinankaratra Region and strives to make the most of its assets, which are village tourism, hydrotherapy, agritourism, pastoralism and cultural tourism. So we offer you to discover our heritage, our gastronomy, our nature, our activities, our events and our event. Furthermore, I invite you to get in touch with the team if necessary the Tourist Office which will be happy to guide you in your choices

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